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Bil Mooney-McCoy: Online Safety Presentation for Families Workshop

Parents: Learn how you can protect your children against online perpetrators and how to design a family safety pledge. Also, find the software that are available to help you keep your children safe online.
PowerPoint, pdf

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Bil Mooney-McCoy: Recovery From Porn Addiction Workshop

Learn about the structures to set in place, the groundwork to be laid, and the direction to take for your recovery work. Learn to embrace ongoing habits for a new lifestyle and learn what to do when temptation is strong and things are very stressful. PowerPoint,Strategy Sheet, pdf

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Bil Mooney-McCoy: Online Safety Webcast

This call will teach the “How and Why?” of Online Safety, especially how to set up online safety for Christian Community Computer Centers.  PowerPoint    

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Just Be Hush

Let the record show: I don't think that gospel music has gone too far. And there are plenty of contemporary Praise & Worship songs that I like. And I have no quarrel with Christian hip-hop. But I cut my spiritual eye teeth on hymns, the old traditional, multi-verse, theology-packed statements of faith with rhyming stanzas and one chord per note melodies. And today, these hymns remain a vital component of my spiritual diet.

There are three types of hymns: hymns I like, hymns I don't like, and hymns that make me cry. The other morning, I sat down to the piano with troubled heart and the hymnal decided to open to a category three selection.

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Story of Recovery

My Story

I don't really know when it began. Or even why.

I was brought up in a wonderful Christian home with two parents who fully imparted God's love to me, and nurtured in the faith by an excellent Bible-believing church. I came to know and love Jesus in a very authentic relationship in early childhood.

I didn't struggle with most of the temptations urban teenagers encounter: drugs, alcohol, cheating at school, fighting, stealing. I had a superego the size of a Wal-Mart. Yet, sexual fantasy was a challenge for me, a source of incredible guilt and torment. Fortunately, through high school, I had limited exposure to explicit material.

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Online Safety for C4s

Online Safety for C4s

This attached document is a presentation by Bil Mooney-McCoy (Director, SafeFamilies, TechMission) on Online Safety.

Topics also include:

- What is Online Safety?

- Pornography statistics

- TechMission's SafeFamilies Program

- Information on Monitoring Software

- Internet Filter Software Comparison


The document also includes a sample acceptable use policy form for C4s.


For the PowerPoint presentation on this information, visit: