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Female Mentoring (from


This hope-based study can be used in both church and non-church settings, helping young ladies zone in on real wosdom from sex to self-worth. Filling with questions, stories and activities to connect with her softer side.

Teen Moms

Life after birth -- Bible studies for the teen mom. Contains real stories of young moms from all walks of life, covering issues from loneliness to her future. Great for single mom groups, mentoring, crisis pregnancy centers or personal use.


Reproducible Shortie Pages for City Kids (from

Shortie Reproducible Pages help with reading and writing skills while SHOWING kids how to apply scripture to their lives. Great for helping below
level students increase their literacy skills.

Other samples

1. Life is a Trip
These  easy to understand lessons explain how the Bible is the roadmap to life, and Christ can help if youhit a dead end. Lessons include: Dead Ends, What Junk is in Your Trunk? and Do a U-Turn to Christ. Great for  outreach.

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Another Boy from the Hood (from

Bible Studies for Urban Youth. Focuses on the life of Jesus, with real stories of young men who were just boys from the hood until they met Christ. Great for outreach, one-on-one discipling and small groups.