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  • John Piper's December 1995 sermon on "Good News to the Poor."

    Covered topics:

    • Introduction: Spreading a Passion . . .
    • Bethlehem and the Reality of Poverty
    • What is Our Response to these Global Realities?
    • Poverty Close to Home
    • Implications for Ministry
    • Remember the Poor
    • God Chose the Poor of This World
    • Invite the Poor, Crippled, Blind, and Lame
    • Incarnational Ministry


  • This link will bring you to Christopher Harbin's sermon on  "Quality of Service" with focus on Isaiah 2: 6-17; John 13:12-20; 1 Corinthians 9:3-12.

    From: 2006

    Rocks Baptist Church, Virginia

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