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Strength in Numbers Support Groups

Strength in Numbers - for Men and Their Wives

       Strength in Numbers is a Christ and grace centered support group for men who struggle with pornography, sexual addiction and/or homosexuality. The group provides a safe place for men to share openly of their struggles with lust; pointing all to God's grace is our goal. The Colorado Springs group is led by the author of this website.

       The meeting is held Monday nights at 6:30pm at the north end of the city. Strength in Numbers is not a 12 step group, nor does it follow a program. The group is not for women, and outside observers are not allowed to participate. All who live in the greater Colorado Springs area, as well as those who might be traveling and wanting support for the night are welcome to attend.

      After opening the meeting with prayer we ask everyone to be accountable with any issues involving pornography, lust in the mind, masturbation, sex outside of marriage and/or any inappropriate relationships since their last meeting. We invite the men to discuss how they are doing in their marriages and other key relationships, as lust affects these areas. Our mutual transparency and the grace we extend to each other in our weakness bonds us together in a way few experience.
      In the last 10 minutes of our time together we all pray for each other, keeping in mind the needs and struggles that have been shared. We've seen the Lord work miracles in the lives of men and their families, just from prayer alone!

     Information and materials on how to start, run, and promote a Strength in Numbers group are available here: bulletin insert Strength in Numbers.doc in Numbers flyer.doc Survey.doc

All material in this website may be reprinted for personal, church or ministry use.     
No reprints for commercial use without written permission.
Blazing Grace Ministries, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 

©Copyright 2005 Mike Genung 


I dont know what to do anymore

I recently found out that my husband has been on porn websites and has been interacting with the "stars". This is the 3rd time I have found this kind of thing in the last 2 1/2 years of our marriage. The 1st issue was discovering that he has exchanged pictures with his ex-girldfriend that i had asked he no longer have contact with before we got married, i found out from an email from her on valentines day about 3 months after we were married. The second issue happened about 4 months later when i found out he was a member on over 10 websites that offered talking with other women, he uploaded pics of himself, his penis, and said the most horrid things. I stayed under the assumption that he promised i ment more to him then the websites did.

And now for my biggest problem, I stayed with my husband and now i have a 7month old son who is my entire world. 2 nights ago i took a bath and when i walked into the living room he was sitting ont he computer with a girl on the screen typing to her... he clicked out of it when i tried to take the computer away from him, he was in "private" search so i couldnt pull it back up. He admitted that he has been going on to this website for over a month and says "i dont know whats wrong with me". I feel like a failure as a wife, and I'm at a lose of what to do. I swore last time that if it happened again i was gone, but that was before my son was caught in the middle. I dont want him to grow up in a broken home with seprated parents, however i cannot keep getting heartbroken and let him grow up in a home where he sees this cycle of me finding out, fighting with his father and then trying to "put on a happyface".

I need advice, i need help-

i am broken, i feel devastated, i dont know if i should give him another chance, i dont believe he will change......  

please someone help


Needing Help

I believe I was led to your site by the Lord. I recently found out my hasband has cheated on me throughout our entire marriage with many women,online sites, craigslist ads, and a two year affair to a woman in our Karate school who was also married. I found sex videos in a secrect e mail account that one of his mistress gave me (after I found out the affair was continuing). When he confessed all of this to me the first time I felt the Holy Spirits peace, we started working on our marriage or looking back at the last five months it was I who was working on the marriage by trying to keep up with his sex drive. I was called by the womans husband Jan. to find out that the affair was still going on even after my baby was born I was pregnant with our fourth child when he told me about his sex problems...I could not believe this...It is devastating, and yes he blames me for the affair because I do not do certain sex acts such as sodemy. or give it to him when he wants it... One of the videos I found is of those two doing this most disgusting act. I am trying to recover from this but am having the most difficult time. I need to find a support group but have no idea who. My church is praying for us but they have no one for him and I to speak with and I cannot afford to pay a Christian therapist. Are there any support groups in the North Dallas Texas area?



re: starting a group

I want to start a group for women, and wives who are dealing with this. I want to help women get through this. I have dealt with this for 11 years in my marriage, and I want to help other women. Please advise on how I can get started with an internet blog, or group. Thank you.

group for wives?

Yes,.. I'd really like some help with this issue.  (((((sigh))))

My husband has lust issues and I have tried very hard to be forgiving, loving, compassionate, understanding, have lost my temper a few times and I need help or support.


I'd love to have the contact.  Thanks.


I am a wife of a sex addict. He does not want help. we have been married for 24 years and I've know all that time and we've faught all that time. I'm so tired I want to leave. I think I still love him if I'm writing to you. Where can I get help to live my life I need help even if he does not want to seek help. I am a christian I do have a very close relationship to God but lately the battle is rageing in my mind and I need that extra support. Please let me know.

I live in Phoenix Arizona

Want to connect?

Contact me if you still need support.

I want to entry in pornography, sexual addiction and/or homosexu

Dear Concern,

I want to entry in your pornography, sexual addiction and/or homosexuality group so what i will doing after entry...

Thanks Jayant

Is there a support group in

Is there a support group in the Chicago suburbs?

How can I find a group like

How can I find a group like this locally in my city and state?

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