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Reproducible Shortie Pages for City Kids (from

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Shortie Reproducible Pages help with reading and writing skills while SHOWING kids how to apply scripture to their lives. Great for helping below
level students increase their literacy skills.

Other samples

1. Life is a Trip
These  easy to understand lessons explain how the Bible is the roadmap to life, and Christ can help if youhit a dead end. Lessons include: Dead Ends, What Junk is in Your Trunk? and Do a U-Turn to Christ. Great for  outreach.

2. Ya Know What I’m Sayin?
includes topics that kids deal with today and what the Bible says about them.  Lessons include: Itch to be Rich, Messin’ With Your Dressin. A great way to help kids to apply the Bible to their lives.

3.  Inner-City Israelites
focuses on issues in the bible that are no different than what kids deal with today, from being a minority to being strapped for cash.  Lessons include:  Esther--A Big Time Minority, David--the Original Rapper. a great way to introduce Bible Stories to non-churched kids.

4. Bad Dogs

covers famous animal stories in the Bible, and relates them to issues city kids deal with today. Lessons include:??a holy but Lowly donkey, Lambo, and the Bullies and the Bears.?A fun way to apply  Bible stories to kids’ lives.

5.  Leap of Faith
More animal tales from the bible, ncluding a plague of frogs and living high on the hog (Prodigal son). Great lessons dealing  contemporary issues such as police and home issues

6.  Tuff Like Me
stories of kids in the bible who dealt with the same tuff issues kids deal with today, and how faith in god can help them deal with crazy stuff.
lessons include: a thug's life (david/goliath), fright night (dinah), and the original foster kid (samuel).

ESPANOL:  La Vide es un Viaje

This hispanic translation of Life is a Trip is ideal for kids of all ages who are trying to learn English as a second Language (ESL). It's also a great outreach tool to reach non-English speaking parents.

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